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DGW (Dieters Gone Wild)

So today was cheat day..

Timothy Ferris (Author of the 4 hour Body) suggests that you have a cheat day once a week. By dramatically  spiking your caloric intake you increase fat-loss by ensuring that your metabolic rate doesn’t downshift from extended caloric restriction.

Yep I know it sounds crazy but you are encouraged to ever indulge to a point of almost being sick. On this one day each week you can have  anything from doughnuts to McDonald’s or everything in between.

So here it goes this is what I had:

2 Over easy Eggs

3 thin slices of Canadian Bacon

1/2 an Avocado


2 slices Marble Rye Toast (with lots of PB and Raspberry jam of course)


1 Small Hamburger with ketchup and curry mayo

1 cup of Yam fries with ranch dip


5 Total various Chinese dumplings

1 cup Chinese Calamari with spicy garlic and chilis

1 small plate of Soy Sauce Chow Mein


2 small Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream balls from TJ

Not so bad compared to some of the cheat days Tim writes about in the book. There was one I can recall he had eaten 2 whole pizzas in a matter of hours along with beer bear claws and twix bars!

Anyways long story short I was excited about today but after over indulging I must say I feel tired, sluggish and a bit sad.. Even though I know it is part of the diet I felt like I was doing something wrong and I am excited to be back on track for Monday.

Bed now, work tomorrow, blog soon xo

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