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You work where?!


So yes most days this 4-hour body thing is a bit of a challenge but the worst are the days I have to work! Why? because I am a General Manager for two of  the  Original Cupcake Shops in Vancouver.  I spend 50% of my life serving, making or inventing cupcakes and when I am not in the store I am putting together wedding cake tastings or sourcing new material of our social media pages etc.

Today we were presented with a new cupcake to try,  full of pecans, caramel and chocolate.. It looked fantastic but I refused and let me tell ya! my butternut squash soup sure did seem boring after that..

Anyways, the point of this post is to say that if you have will power you will succeed no matter what the temptations are.

If figure if I can do this anyone can!


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