Fond memories and photos

For the past week I have been staying at my Grandpa’s house as he and my mom are in Hawaii on vacation..

I love staying here, It is a beautiful house that holds many many  family memories ..

Today I decided to go through some family photos and found a few that I wanted to share..

The second I pulled the drawer open this is what  I found and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The next photo I found was one of my favorite memories with my Grandma.. Funny enough, I was just thinking about this yesterday as I passed by the bakery and noticed that it is now for sale. I am glad to have found this photo and will cherish it forever…

This is a photo of me probably at the age of 5 or 6 at a local bakery a few blocks from my house.

As you can see there are dozens of gingerbread men and women behind me in the pastry case. I can guarantee you that this is exactly what was in my paper bag as well.  I am not quite sure how they kept them fresh but the cookies just melted in your mouth. I would always eat the hands and feet so that I could save the smarties for last..

Grandma, If you were here not only would I thank you for the cookie and the photo but I would also thank you for memory.

Keep an eye out for more photos to come..


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6 thoughts on “Fond memories and photos

  1. erin rindahl says:

    Very sweet. – love your blog. When you get to about 100 posts I recommend – blog2print. -i recently did it with my blog, I love the hard copy, its a way to look back whenever.
    Also your dishes look amazingly delicious.

  2. roy rindahl says:

    You have the same hair then as you do now.


  3. crindahl says:

    Lol you haven seen me in awhile! Time to come visit MR!!

  4. Chantelle says:

    This is literally the cutest photo I have ever seen. You are such a doll!!

  5. The sweetest little girl ever, you are still a little bit shy here. The sweetest little daughter, more than any Mom could ever wish for then and now. I love you!

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