So far so good! Down 7 pounds!

Yipee!! Its working It is really working! I am down a total of 7 pounds since Saturday?!?! That’s a pound a day!! In the grand scheme of things it may not seem like much but man oh man I feel great.

My mom always used to say when you lose one pound think of it as a brick of butter. That’s a lot!

People at the grocery store probably thought I was nuts when I was re-arranging the butter in my cart and taking pictures but you know what? I don’t care because I just lost 7 pounds!

Lol as a matter of fact I hope that I become known as the crazy girl who rearranges the butter for pictures every week!

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2 thoughts on “So far so good! Down 7 pounds!

  1. welshwisdom says:

    Well done! Its always helpful to get an insight on how much you’re actually loosing so using the butter is a great way to do it! N x

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