Chicken & Lentil Chilli

Nothing tastes better than a great chili!!

Because I don’t like black or kidney beans I decided to try lentils.

I had some leftover chicken from a whole roasted chicken I bought at the store. I love having them time to time  because they make a great last-minute meal, snack or ingredient.

Chicken and Lentil Chili

4 Strips of Bacon

1 Large Onion

2 Large Carrots

4 Stalks of Celery

1TBS Trader Joe’s South African Blend Seasoning

2 1/2 Cups leftover Roast Chicken (I used the thighs and wings)

1 Large can of Lentils

1 Cup of Chicken Stock

Follow the steps above for a heart warming meal ❤  As both my husband and I are on the Slow Carb dietso  we accompanied our chili with a homemade Caesar salad but It would have been delicious with Cornbread!

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2 thoughts on “Chicken & Lentil Chilli

  1. Yummy! I like your little photograph box. Great recipe.

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