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You work where?!


So yes most days this 4-hour body thing is a bit of a challenge but the worst are the days I have to work! Why? because I am a General Manager for two of  the  Original Cupcake Shops in Vancouver.  I spend 50% of my life serving, making or inventing cupcakes and when I am not in the store I am putting together wedding cake tastings or sourcing new material of our social media pages etc.

Today we were presented with a new cupcake to try,  full of pecans, caramel and chocolate.. It looked fantastic but I refused and let me tell ya! my butternut squash soup sure did seem boring after that..

Anyways, the point of this post is to say that if you have will power you will succeed no matter what the temptations are.

If figure if I can do this anyone can!


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DGW (Dieters Gone Wild)

So today was cheat day..

Timothy Ferris (Author of the 4 hour Body) suggests that you have a cheat day once a week. By dramatically  spiking your caloric intake you increase fat-loss by ensuring that your metabolic rate doesn’t downshift from extended caloric restriction.

Yep I know it sounds crazy but you are encouraged to ever indulge to a point of almost being sick. On this one day each week you can have  anything from doughnuts to McDonald’s or everything in between.

So here it goes this is what I had:

2 Over easy Eggs

3 thin slices of Canadian Bacon

1/2 an Avocado


2 slices Marble Rye Toast (with lots of PB and Raspberry jam of course)


1 Small Hamburger with ketchup and curry mayo

1 cup of Yam fries with ranch dip


5 Total various Chinese dumplings

1 cup Chinese Calamari with spicy garlic and chilis

1 small plate of Soy Sauce Chow Mein


2 small Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream balls from TJ

Not so bad compared to some of the cheat days Tim writes about in the book. There was one I can recall he had eaten 2 whole pizzas in a matter of hours along with beer bear claws and twix bars!

Anyways long story short I was excited about today but after over indulging I must say I feel tired, sluggish and a bit sad.. Even though I know it is part of the diet I felt like I was doing something wrong and I am excited to be back on track for Monday.

Bed now, work tomorrow, blog soon xo

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So far so good! Down 7 pounds!

Yipee!! Its working It is really working! I am down a total of 7 pounds since Saturday?!?! That’s a pound a day!! In the grand scheme of things it may not seem like much but man oh man I feel great.

My mom always used to say when you lose one pound think of it as a brick of butter. That’s a lot!

People at the grocery store probably thought I was nuts when I was re-arranging the butter in my cart and taking pictures but you know what? I don’t care because I just lost 7 pounds!

Lol as a matter of fact I hope that I become known as the crazy girl who rearranges the butter for pictures every week!

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I heart Aquafit!

So I begrudgingly got out of bed at 6:45am this morning to attend a 7 am Aquafit class.. I was expecting the regular class that has a cute female high energy instructor that don’t get me wrong is great but to my surprise walks in a George Clooney look-alike! I have never worked out so hard in a class before! It was fantastic! After thanking him for the class and asking when the next one was he said it was the last one he would be doing?!? I am currently updating my blog to prove it was not a dream…


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